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E. Lisovskaya, housewife, Chkalovsk The project "Paradise under the Ceiling" envisages the establishment of a paradisical world in one's own room. And paradise not in a figurative sense, but in the most literal, real sense of that word. Usual theories and notions of space assign it to some worlds that are remote in time and place, inaccessible to our real presence, worlds about which we can only dream and guess, but in reality it is impossible to see them; they exist too high and far away, if they exist at all.

The traditional notion about the remoteness and inaccessibility of paradise creates a pessimisitc notion about our earthly exis- tence or else naive and dangerous projects for transforming entire regions, or at least one's own residence, into a likeness of paradise. As everyone knows, little remains from these proj- ects.

Our project proposes a radically new view of this problem. It starts with the conviction that paradise is located not very high over us, but nevertheless not at the "horizon" of our constant life - you could say that it is located in a place that is suffi- ciently safe from our presence. This place is directly below the ceiling of our room, if we speak about our residence. If we fill this space with objects that we love and trust, then in these conditions they will become transformed, "resurrected" from their semi-sleep, immobile state and will begin to live a full "para- disical" life. We, for our part. can visit them and observe their new, transformed life. For this all you have to do is climb up the ladder, and in so doing, be very delicate not to disturb them in any way.

A few words about the establishment of such a "Paradise."

You need to place shelves all along the perimeter and place on them inhabitants of paradise that are very familiar to you: small figures of birds, beasts, fish and all kinds of plants: trees of various species and bushes. All of this, of course, is in minia- ture, toy-like, but that's not the main thing. Between the ani- mals little lamps should be arranged so that they burn all the time, illuminating everything that is standing there, but so that they cannot be been from below. You can climb the ladder at any time. The presence of such a paradise should transform your everyday life. It will affect your mood and the sense of well- being of those close to you.


1. Make wooden shelves under the ceiling (17 cm wide, 2 cm thick, at a distance of 22 cm from the ceiling).

2. Buy large quatities of toy miniatures in a toy store of models of animals, reptiles, birds and fish, sculptures of children, and a few of "adults". The maximum height is 11 cm, the minimum height is 4 cm.

3. Install lamps (25 watt) in the corner between the shelf and the wall, at intervals of 40 cm, they should not be visible from below.